You’re Here For A Reason

You're Here For A Reason

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”
~Mark Twain

My Reason

I’m here to help you maximize your purpose, whether you’re an established leader, a steward of significant resources, or someone seeking to make a difference.

“Now is the time to stop talking, take action, and get to the heart of the matter – true systems based thinking that focuses on our species two most powerful tools, our consciousness and capital.”

~ Lawrence Ford

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High-yield impact investments in emerging markets
with measureable impact!


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My Book

This book is not for everyone, but if you sense a deep burning inside your belly, my gift to you is this book.

The Secrets of the Seasons can help a sleepwalking world awaken and live a life of passion, purpose, and magic. There is an ancient yet easily testable way of bringing love and joy back into the world. We can use it to come together and shake people from their slumber while initiating a new paradigm of consciousness and capitalism, loving respect, and a better life for all.

My Work

Navigating Life’s Third Seasons:
A Journey of Transformation and Impact

In my practice, I specialize in guiding individuals through their “third seasons” – transformative periods that are pivotal in both personal growth and societal impact.

These transitions, central to the themes in my book “The Secrets of the Seasons,” represent a unique convergence of personal evolution and financial influence.

My approach to these journeys is deeply respectful, treating each story with a reverence that goes beyond confidentiality, acknowledging the sacred trust placed in me.



Conscious Capital

Future Capital

SDG Heroes

Lawrence Ford named United Nation’s SDG Hero’s alongside amazing men. Photography by Ralph Reutimann.

 Lawrence Ford “Shaman of Wall Street” holding his SDG Object, “space for humankind”.

SDG #17: “Partnerships for the Goals”

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Lawrence Ford is bridging the modern world of business and the ancient world of wisdom to help people and organizations make the world a better place. You can view/use his professional bio and speaker intro or download photos here.

Speaking & Events

Make a positive impact by joining forces with Lawrence to deliver a tailored keynote speech, or engage in conversation to address and inspire sustainable peak performance throughout the seasons of life within your company, organization or team.


One day we will realize that there is nothing more important in the world than knowing that each of us has a gift that we are here to support each other fulfill that gift. Learn more about Lawrence’s ‘The Secrets of the Seasons’. Audio version available!

Endorsements of Impact


A Man of Two Worlds

~ The Economist


The Finance Guru



The Spiritual Advisor

~ Retirement Income Journal


The Shaman of Wall Street

~ Washington Post

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