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Lawrence is on the forefront of a revolutionary movement aimed at awakening people to their authentic selves and providing a model for leveraging the power of money to make the world a better place. Make a positive impact by joining forces with Lawrence to deliver a tailored keynote speech, or engage in conversation to address and inspire sustainable peak performance throughout the seasons of life within your company, organization or team.


“Capital is a powerful tool that man has created; becoming more conscious of how we live, earn, spend, and invest, our capital we can work together to make the world a better place.” – Lawrence Ford

Speaking Events & Media

Representative Speeches


  • Journey Into Power – Keynotes, Roundtables, Panels
  • Waking Up – A better Life, World and Bigger Purpose
  • Transition and Crisis as an Initiation
  • Corporate Soul Retrieval
  • The Un-speech (Unscripted intuitive delivery based on audience in real time)


  • The Future of Wealth Management
    • Extraordinary Power of the Purpose-Driven, Values-Based Wealth Manager
  • Next Generation Advisors
    • Advanced Technologies that Disrupt, Democratize and Streamline Our Transactional Economic Landscape
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Conscious Investing – Finance + Value = Sustainability

Upcoming Events

earth x e capital summit

May 9-10 | Dallas, Texas

Conscious Capitalism Conference

Meet us at the intersection of business and humanity

Whether you are an CEO wanting to take your team to the next level, a professional early in your career, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a student wanting to use your career as a force for good — this is your opportunity to join the conversations that shape the future of business.

earth x e capital summit

Online | May 15-16 and June 26-27


The views presented at WAAS@64 will help the Board create a framework of programs and activities in support of the UN SDGs, peace and human security for all

A principle objective of WAAS@64 is to provide opportunities for WAAS and its members to identify and explore high-priority areas for future WAAS programming and to discuss organizational enhancements designed to support the continued expansion of the Academy’s program of work. We are pleased to invite you to participate in the event and actively contribute to the Academy’s growth.

earth x e capital summit

Milken Investor Soiree by SVRN and Velvet

May 5th, 2024

150+ family offices, institutions, venture funds, and exited founders will come together to build relationships and experience SVRN & Velvet’s unique approach to curating authentic connection and collaboration.

earth x e capital summit

April 22-26, 2024
Dallas, Texas, USA



EarthX is an international nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to educating and inspiring people and organizations to take action towards a more sustainable future worldwide. We assemble and connect people all over the globe to explore sustainable solutions.

Speaking & Media Inquiries

Lawrence Ford is the Founder and CEO of Conscious Capital. He was dubbed the “Shaman of Wall Street” by the Washington Post and The Economist Magazine referred to Lawrence as a “Man of Two Worlds”. NPR named him “The Finance Guru” and the Retirement Income journal dubbed him as “The Spiritual Advisor”.

Through Mr. Ford’s collaboration with some of the world’s best thought and action leaders, he founded Future Capital in partnership with the United Nations and the World Academy of Arts and Sciences working on a project for a new paradigm for our civilization. He has dedicated much of his life to being a bridge between the modern world of business and the ancient world of wisdom and the nexus of consciousness and capital.

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“Lawrence is a master motivator! His message inspires, challenges and reminds the audience that we are all here for a reason. Thank you Lawrence.

Heather Desjardins

Vice Chair, Conscious Capitalism, Connecticut Chapter

We are most powerful when we are on the path to recognizing
the unique gift we have to share with the world.
– Lawrence Ford

Past Events

earth x e capital summit

September 20-21, 2023
New York City, NY, USA

Connecting the CEO Agenda with the Global Agenda

Leaders on Purpose – CEO Summit

Agenda Highlights: 

  • Unleashing Capital for Global Development: The Convergence of Profit and Progress 

  • Aligned Action for Energy Solutions

  • Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development

  • Fireside Chat with Grant Schreiber, Charles Oppenheimer & Garry Jacobs on Navigating the Ethical Frontiers of Emerging Technologies

  • Transition on Purpose of Multi-National Corporations through Bold Innovation 

  • Cities of the Future and Bioregions

  • AI on Purpose 

  • Africa on Purpose: The Role of Africa for Climate and Finance Solutions 

  • Space on Purpose: One Earth, One Space 

Discover an Extraordinary Community. Engage In inclusive collaboration. Experience An actionable agenda. Ignite Meaningful Impact.​
earth x e capital summit

October 8-11, 2023
Omni Interlocken Hotel, Broomfield, CO

2023 In-Person, Advisor-Focused Summit

ESG – 2023 For Impact

First Affirmative Financial Network is pleased to announce that we will once again host the ESG for Impact! Conference, an in person event focused on and for client-facing advisors, asset managers and other professionals who specialize in SRI and ESG or who want to learn more about these subjects.

More than 30 years ago, the first group of socially responsible investors gathered to share ideas.  We are proud of the role this Community has played in bringing authentic SRI to the mainstream.  We invite you to join other leaders and disruptors in this space to see how we can bring increased sustainable investment options to our clients, and to discuss the threats and opportunities inherent in the rapidly growing use of ESG terminology and techniques across the investment landscape.

earth x e capital summit
Connect + Pitch + Impact

E-Capital Summit

The EarthX annual E-Capital Summit is an invitation-only conference that has convened, inspired, and catalyzed action from thousands of investment firms, early to late-stage innovators, established global companies, industry thought leaders, national policymakers, incubators & accelerators, and researchers that have had substantial, positive impacts on investments, businesses, people, and our planet.

earth x 2023
Join us for next year’s Earth Day Expo!

Inspire. Inform. Impact.

The EarthX Expo is the world’s largest green gathering held annually around Earth Day in Dallas, Texas. Our Congress of Conferences highlights a wide range of environmental & sustainability-related topics. 

It has grown to become the largest event of its kind in the world, bringing together environmental organizations, businesses, academic institutions, government agencies, speakers, interactive programming, and subject matter experts.

EarthX Expo also features live music, art and food to help create a fun and engaging atmosphere for thought and experiential learning.

Oxford Economics of Mutuality Virtual Forum

Driving Systemic Transformation

Curious about the targets, measures, and mobilization necessary to drive systemic transformation?
This Forum hosted by Said Business School and Economics of Mutuality will explore how business leaders can deliver practical solutions to deal with systemic crises, and how companies can become more responsible and purpose-driven by solving the problems of people and planet profitably.

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Lawrence Ford is bridging the modern world of business and the ancient world of wisdom to help people and organizations make the world a better place. You can view/use his professional bio and speaker intro or download photos here.

Speaking & Events

Make a positive impact by joining forces with Lawrence to deliver a tailored keynote speech, or engage in conversation to address and inspire sustainable peak performance throughout the seasons of life within your company, organization or team.


One day we will realize that there is nothing more important in the world than knowing that each of us has a gift that we are here to support each other fulfill that gift. Learn more about Lawrence's 'The Secrets of the Seasons'. Audio version available soon!

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