You’re Here For A Reason

“Amidst the wild ride back from a long week of sailing regattas, with no land in sight and the wind fiercely howling, a moment of unexpected revelation occurred. As the coast guard’s advisory urged all crafts to return to shore, my crewmate turned to me with a half-smile and announced he’d suddenly come down with a full-on case of the ‘Sunday Scaries.’ It was the first time I’d heard the term, but it instantly resonated. It described that all-too-familiar feeling of dread as Sunday night rolls in, signaling the end of freedom and the start of a daunting workweek. It’s a mix of anxiety, unmet dreams, and a nagging sense of existential unease. Although those Scaries were starting to fade from my life, they had once been a vivid, unsettling reality.

This was the spark behind the ‘Sunday Anti-Scaries.’ These blog posts aren’t just an antidote to that Sunday night melancholy; they’re a reflection and a solution. It’s startling to note that heart attack rates spike on Monday mornings, a stark testament to the stress we accumulate. With the ‘Sunday Anti-Scaries,’ I aim to reframe our approach to Sundays, turning them from a time of dread to a period of hopeful anticipation, helping us embrace each week with purpose, vigor, and joy.”

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