You’re Here For A Reason

Extraordinary individuals coming together to improve our world and address existential challenges and opportunities.

My mission is to connect visionary individuals and transformative initiatives with the necessary resources, fostering a network of purpose-driven endeavors that propel us toward a future where everyone contributes to meaningful transformation.

I’m genuinely excited to connect with fellow attendees, absorb their experiences, and contribute to our shared conversation.

On My Way – A Reflection

“The magic of travel began even before I touched down—gifted with WiFi on my early flight from Tampa to LA, I was reminded of my mentor, Dr. Larry, whom I discussed in my book The Secrets of the Seasons. Residing somewhere around LA, or was it San Francisco? A quick text reconnected us, and now, as I sit in the hotel lobby (too early for check-in), I’m preparing to head to Malibu with my friend and the legendary Dr. Larry. This serendipitous meeting back in 2005 seemed to come out of the blue but set me on a path I could never have imagined, leading to my own initiation in Nepal with Dr Larry and subsequent breakthrough a few years later

These experiences now empower me daily in my work and mission.

Thank you Dr Larry Peters!

Milken Investor Soiree – May 5th

SVRN and Velvet proudly present the Investor Symposium for opening night of the Milken Conference on May 5.

​150+ family offices, institutions, venture funds, and exited founders will come together to build relationships and experience SVRN & Velvet’s unique approach to curating authentic connection and collaboration.

Curated Conversations – May 6th

An intimate gathering of successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, high net worth individuals, and Family Offices, where we’ll explore the implications of AI, Big Data, Social Media, and Facial Recognition, as well as the future of Positive Technology – innovations that sustainably grow economies, improve the human experience, and promote individual sovereignty over technological control and its potential to shape our world for the better.

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