You’re Here For A Reason


A Self-Organizing Force

The Ancient Greeks believed that each of us carries within us what they termed ‘Entelechy’ – a self-organizing force that when engaged with blossoms into realized potential.

I believe that inside of each of us lies a gift, here to be expressed in the world – your unique reason for being here.

As Witnessed in Nature

This idea can also be found within nature herself through a mycelium network that transports all the requisite nutrients between individual plants to ensure each organism flourishes. Water, Carbon and Nitrogen couldn’t be more different in their properties and yet each serve a higher purpose in the lifecycle of an organism.

You too can be in your element, fulfilling your potential, and it is through this lens, that we like to contextualize our work culture because not only do we have advisors with highly specialized knowledge, we intentionally design our business meetings to blend the thoughts of each specialist to create, if you will, a ‘third mind’ of higher order. 


Mycelium Network

 Power of Self-Organizing Principle


We have seen the power of this organizing principle translate to powerful returns that enable our clients and our team to realize their full potential. This centralized team based approach means our financial advisors never find themselves out of their depth because we actively encourage the sharing of data and insights. Our Whole Wealth Advisor training program helps advisors never to assume that they alone have the best answer. This ethos is built from a deep respect of the laws of nature.

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