Glastonbury, CT: Lawrence Ford will be among the 500 chosen to attend this year’s Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo held at the University of Oslo, Norway. The Forum was established in 2016 and addressed the topic of the US and World Peace in the aftermath of the 2016 US election. This year, the Forum, “Across Dividing Lines” recognizes the 10-year anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and is focused on this topic in the context of social justice and environmental protection.

Lawrence Ford was named the “Shaman of Wall Street” by the Washington Post. He is a leader in the long overdue revolution in the financial advisory industry to use the power of money to make the world a better place. He believes in bringing together ancient wisdom for modern times. He will be collaborating with Peace Through Commerce, a title event partner of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, to represent the private sector for finance at the Forum.

The Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo 2017 is organized by the Norwegian Nobel Institute and Nobel Peace Prize – Research and Information AS in partnership with the University of Oslo.

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