You’re Here for a Reason

Empowering you to live a life of passion and purpose!


When our soul’s vibration is aligned with our physical existence we are in authentic power. When we live out of balance our soul is in a state of stress, dis-ease.

The first step of Live Whole is reconnecting to our soul, our authentic self. We begin this by slowing down and becoming present. Shamans and other ancient wisdom carriers call this “waking up.” Many of us are sleep-walking through life. Our minds are possessed with thoughts of the future or past; we are quite literally not here.

Through the seasons of life, we are all gifted with an awakening that knocks us off our daily treadmill. Sometimes these awakenings originate from external life events, or they can be inspired by internal events. Sometimes they can be subtle and in the form of coincidences (perhaps like reading this information right now), and sometimes they are direct and harsh in the form of a crisis. Regardless of the source, these awakenings provide guidance that speaks to us beyond our five senses.

What we do next defines our life.

“There is a purpose to life. Find the light inside you. Feed it, fire it up and let it shine with abandon throughout the world. It will reflect upon you in ways unimagined.”



Live Whole Core Program is a 3 ½ day experience that will empower you to live a life of passion and purpose, and discover and embody your reason for being here.

• Discover Peak Performance Strategies

• Learn How to Navigate Synchronicities

• Uncover Your Reason for Being Here 

• Learn How to Dream Your World into Being

• Master the Seasons for Optimal Living

Emerge awakened, empowered and ready to lead a life of passion and purpose. Are you ready to Live Whole™?

“The world will not know peace until each of us is provided the opportunity to align our being with our doing.” – LAWRENCE FORD 



Live Whole™ Transformation for deeper soul work

Live Whole™ Coaches for purpose and potential

Live Whole™ Teachers for Whole education in a values-based learning environment

Live Whole™ Parents for Whole parenting at home

Live Whole™ Teenagers for Whole growth


Live Whole™ Advisors

Become a Whole Advisor™  through a specially designed 3 program process and help use the power of money to make the world a better place.

Live Whole™ Consultants

Guide a Whole System Transformation process. Use the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) of Barrett Values Centre to map values on the seven levels of consciousness (Live Whole™ Indicator).

Live Whole™ Leaders

Master the art of Conscious Leadership. Take total corporate responsibility and contribute to a sustainable economy, creating a Whole culture with a high-level of engagement.

Our soul has a special song, a special vibration that is like a snowflake: no two are alike. Our job on this earth is to align “our being with our doing.”


The Live Whole™ Institute is a global education foundation with a focus on investing in quality of life by bridging six worlds that enable people to Live Whole™:

Physical | Intellectual | Emotional | Relational | Spiritual | Financial

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What’s next for you?

Does something inside you long for a deeper level of empowerment? Does the noise in your head doubt if you should invest in a program like this? Perhaps it’s time to take a risk and listen to that other part of you that has been calling you home for a long time.


Lawrence Ford

Founder of Live Whole™ Institute

Lawrence Ford, writer, speaker, motivator and global master of personal transformation, CEO of Conscious Capital Wealth Management and the Founder of Live Whole™. He was dubbed the “Shaman of Wall Street” by the Washington Post and The Economist magazine referred to Lawrence as a “Man of Two Worlds.” NPR named him “The Finance Guru” and the Retirement Income Journal dubbed him as “The Spiritual Advisor.” His work has touched the lives of some very externally powerful and famous people, as well as the homeless and distraught. Additionally, he works with a variety of thought and action leaders around the world. This has included working with the United Nations and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), consulting with Dr. Harry Markowitz (Nobel Prize winner in economics), and serving as a 2017 Nobel Peace Prize Forum Representative for private commerce. He has dedicated much of his life to bridging the modern world of business and the ancient world of wisdom. He is passionate about helping people and organizations move into their authentic power as they “wake up.”

Lawrence’s philosophy is “live a life of passion and purpose” and that each of us are “Here for a Reason.” His work with the United Nations and it’s Sustainable Development Goals embodies his mission to align business with spirituality, finance and consciousness, and ego with soul.

Patrik Somers

Patrik Somers

Education & Training Consultant, Facilitator and Co-Founder of Live Whole™ Institute

Patrik is a highly experienced global facilitator, coach and a partner of Barrett Values Centre.

Heather Desjardins

Heather Desjardins

Chief Champion, Facilitator and Co-Founder of Live Whole™ Institute

Reiki Master and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner.

You’re Here for a Reason

Are you ready to uncover your purpose and align with passion to reach your fullest potential?



“The Shaman of Wall Street”

– The Washington Post

“A Man of Two Worlds”

– The Economist

“When Larry Ford talks, people listen and sometimes, they cough up evil spirits” 

– The New York Times

“A Man of Wisdom Who Lives from his Soul”

– Richard Barrett

“The Finance Guru”


Business Person of the year 2016

“Your leadership style is emblematic of The Peace Island Institute’s mission of promoting peaceful co-existence through empathy and understanding. It is my honor to congratulate you and represent you in the United States Senate”

– Christopher S. Murphy, United States Senator 

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